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After years of venturing off to help other people and their brands, Morenikeji has started to venture into her own business world. She has started businesses that compliment her lifestyle, that would help others as well.

Because of her passion in music and the arts, in 2015, she had the vision to start an Entertainment Company. In 2016, this vision started to come into fruition and she created MajorGrind Entertainment. MajorGrind Entertainment harnessed her musicpreneur lifestyle with a group of individuals who have the same love and passion for helping others and music. Here she works with various music talents, assisting them through their music endeavors.

Soon after MajorGrind Entertainment was born, Morenikeji realized that running her businesses required her to be comfortable in order for her to perform at her maximum ability. Hence, she birthed Major Grind Gear, an apparel line where one can Grind in comfort and style.


As recent events of covid effects the world, she birthed a cleaning company, MajorGrind Cleaning. MajorGrind Cleaning is a residential home cleaning service that specializes in AirBnB and Rental property cleanings. 


As you can see, her business ventures are not limited to just
entertainment. Stay tuned for more of her business ventures!




Tel: 404.914.4346

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