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Jill Of All Trades

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Meet Morenikeji,  A Jill-of-All-Trades creative who is deeply passionate about the world of arts and entertainment. She was first introduced to dance at an early age, where she learned ballet, jazz, hip hop, and tap for ten years. This ignited her love for the arts, and she soon became involved in acting, singing, and songwriting.

As Morenikeji's love for singing and rapping grew stronger, so did her career in entertainment. Her talent became known throughout her city, and she began receiving more opportunities in the arts and entertainment industry. In 2006, she decided to explore the world of club promotions, which ultimately led her to unsurprisingly discover the music industry. Morenikeji then began promoting various talented artists, booking shows, and even delving into songwriting and music features.

Morenikeji's impressive talent has led her to appear in Tyler Perry's "Love Thy Neighbor," Lee Daniels' "Star," "Black Panther," "All Eyez On Me," "Miracles of Heaven," and many more. She has also worked as a music promoter, booking agent, and brand ambassador for major corporations nationwide, solidifying her reputation in the industry as an expert in entertainment.

Her extensive experience has allowed her to understand various aspects of the entertainment industry, from the creative process as an artist to the business elements involved in promoting and selling an act. Morenikeji is driven by her love for what she does, and she continuously endeavors to improve her craft in any way possible.

Morenikeji's exceptional work and professionalism quickly gained the attention of major brands, leading to her working as a national experiential Brand Ambassador. Her experiences as a music artist, promoter, and business professional have taught her the importance of every aspect of the industry, and the work it takes to make each component special.

With a diverse skill set, Morenikeji is always eager to take on any project that allows her to channel her passion for the arts into something incredible. Her unwavering passion for the arts and entertainment industry is clearly evident in her every endeavor. Morenikeji continuously and diligently works towards improving her skills, striving to deliver innovative and captivating content that exceeds client expectations. Her unparalleled drive, creativity, and work ethic guarantee first-class results that surpass client expectations. Trust Morenikeji to elevate your brand and help take your entertainment ventures to new heights.



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